Greetings in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

We at Timmons Temple Church Of God In Christ are pleased to inform you that we are still continuing to lift up a standard for the Lord here in Springfield, Missouri. The Lord is blessing our church as we are regularly getting new members and on-lookers who will soon become new members. Also, through prayer and trust in God, captivity is captivated, those bound and bruised are being liberated, sicknesses are eradicated, addictions are eliminated, Jesus Christ is emulated, and Jehovah God is celebrated. We are proud to carry on the rich tradition of Timmons Temple. This church has stood as a beacon of light and hope for many people for more than 73 years. For this church, there has been prosperous good times, and there has been confusing tumultuous times, but through it all, the light has never gone out, and the church’s doors have never been closed. And today we can say that the presence of the Lord still reigns within these hallowed walls, and the traditions upon which this church was founded, continue to be the rock upon which it stands. As such, God continues to bless us, and we continue to offer him thunderous sacrifices of praise.

Sister Appleby and I departed from Durham, North Carolina, and came to Springfield in February 2003. We are so pleased to be residents of this community, and even more excited to be members of the Timmons Temple family. We may have missed the spirit-filled glorious days of this church’s past, but we are certainly enjoying the glorious good times we are having now. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to come and just try to sit still through our Sunday morning worship, or if you don’t want to come in, just bring a lawn chair and set out on the front step. I think you will find that whether you’re sitting inside or outside, the power of God will reach out and touch you, and begin to fix whatever is broken in your life. We have come to trust and depend on God so much until our adopted motto is “God Can, and God Will.” We know that he can do anything, in any situation, under any circumstance, and we believe that he will do what we ask if we only believe. We know that we serve an awesome God. Again, we just want to thank you for your prayers, your presence, and your support. We pray God’s blessings upon each of you, and upon the Timmons Temple family.

Your Servants in The Lord,

T. J. & Anitra Appleby; Pastor and First Lady



Statement of Faith